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Chain-It Tight "The Long Term Tire Chain Tightening Accessory"

Chain It Tight: The Long Term Tire Chain Tightening Accessory





 ALL Tire Chains are required to have a tightening device to keep your chains tight on your tires at all times!!! 

Tired of damaging you ATV'S, Commercial Trucks, or other vehicles due to loose chains??? Tired of buying replacement tighteners after a couple of uses??? Eliminate your worries of losing your chains when you need them the most with Chain-It Tight.


Designed and Developed in 2000 by a truck driver who was tired of spending $ replacing chains due to using short term tighteners, CHAIN-IT TIGHT provides the uniform tension chains need!!!! Keep your chains where they belong.... on your tires!!!!!


CHAIN-IT TIGHT is the long term solution to all your tire chain problems. CHAIN-IT TIGHT is quick, easy, and the safe way to tighten chains on any vehicle with a convenient storage container when not in use.


After Successfully completing off highway testing in the gas and oil fields of Colorado, Wyoming and New Mexico, CHAIN-IT TIGHT was granted a patent and highway approval in 2003.


CHAIN-IT TIGHT.......Proven for years to get you through the snow, ice, mud and back on the road!!!!! Chain-It Tight Never Loses It's ability to work No Matter how cold or wet it is OUTSIDE!!!!!!

Chain-It Tight is quick and very easy to use for anyone.  Once you try it, you will never use anything else again! No matter what chain or cable you use, you have to have a way to keep it tight and on your tires!!!!!

Please NoteChains Not Included. Chain It Tight is an accessory to tighten your tire chains. please e-mail us at with a contact number and name if you are interested in large qty. orders and we will get back with you.  One unit contains 2 tighteners.


Unit Sizes available


  Available in 4 different models:              

  CT-40 ATV's: FITS-A, B, C ATV Tires, Golf Carts, Garden Tractors, Or Snow Blower Tire Chains.

 CT-50 SUV'S:FITS- Trucks, Cars, and SUV's

 CT-60: Fits- Commercial Trucks and Trailers with 22.5" Tires including low profile.

CT-65: Fits-Commercial Trucks and Trailers with 24.5" Tires including low profile.

Chains Not Included.

Prices for units are $20.99 plus S&H .Please contact us via  e-mail with your information if you would like to order a large qty. of Chain-It Tights for your company.   Thank you for your interest in Chain-It Tight

Orders will be shipped 7 to 14 business days depending on the order sizeIf it is a large order, Please allow 4 to 6 weeks on a order (100 or more units)